Sunday, February 27, 2011

End of Year Security Reports, The Complete List

This is a list of annual security reports by vendors, non-vendors and governments that I was able to collect in the last few weeks.

Vendors list:
Akamai, state of the internet report, (pdf)
Arbor, Network Infrastructure Security Report 2010, (pdf)
Blue Coat, 2011 Web Security Report, (pdf)
Cisco 2010 Annual Security Report, (pdf)
Damballa Top 10 Botnet threat Report, (pdf)
GFI Labs, 2010 report on Fake Security Products, (details)
Mcafee, A Good Decade for cybercrime, report, (pdf)
Message Labs 2010 Annual Report, (pdf)
PandaLabs 2010 Annual Report, (pdf)
PandaLabs, The Cyber-Crime Black Market: Uncovered, (pdf)
Qualys, State of browser security, (pdf)
SecureWorks Spambot evolution, 2011, (details)
Secunia 2010 Security Report:, (pdf)
Sophos Security Threat Report, 2011, (pdf)
Symantec Report on Attack Kits, and Malicious Websites, (pdf)
Symantec 2010 end-of-year report, (pdf)
Symantec, 2010 US Cost of Data Breach, (pdf)
Trustwave 2011 global security report, (pdf)
Barracoda Labs 2010 report, (pdf)
HP TippingPoint 2010 report, (pdf)
IBM X-Force 2010 report, (pdf)
McAfee, Underground Economies, (pdf)

Government List:
Dutch 2010 National Cyber Crime, and Digital Safety Trend Report, (pdf)
European Union, statistical office, Safer Internet Day Report, (pdf)
ICS-CERT, Industrial control systems, 2010 report, (pdf)
Internet Crime Complaint Center 2010 report, (pdf)
Whitehat Security statistics report, require registration, (details)

Non-Vendors List:
Global Risks 2011, World Economic Forum, (pdf)
DDOS 2010 Report, (details)
PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Global State of Information Security Survey, (pdf)
Web-based threats, SEI-Carnegie Mellon, (pdf)