Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smartphone Security

In the Shmoocon 2010 conference, an interesting presentation on smartphone security is now available on line.

Jail broken iPhones have lots of risks, with default root password and default services enabled, scanning the mobile network revealed lots of interesting services making them easily hacked. The presenter gives some sample applications that can be installed on the hacked device remotely to enable the mic, record audio, spy on emails, sms, browsing, or get the location of the phone, ....etc

check the slides and the video.

There are some concerns that Apple might block all jailbroken phones from accessing the app store, they start banning iPhone hackers as mentioned in TheRegister article about an Egyptian iPhone baseband hacker (and Neurosurgeon) called Sherif Hashim that was banned with another hacker from app store after developing a hack for the latest iPhone OS 3.1.3.

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