Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wardriving Setup

Here is how to build your own wardriving setup:

Here is my checklist:
- Laptop :)
- High gain omni antenna 15dBi (choose the correct cables & connector to your wireless card)

Kismet New-Core comes with a new log format, so all the old tools used to convert kismet logs to Google Earth format is not valid anymore, the only tools I know that work with th new core are GISKismet or netxml2kml

I like the GISKismet tool, as it has some nice features:
- Eliminate duplicate APs, in case you have several log files.
- Filtering AP before exporting logs
- Filtering AP before generating kml file
- It uses a database (sqlite3), giving you great flexability for whatever queries you need, such as top SSID used, Encryption statistics, channels usage distribution,.....etc


FusionStream said...

giskismet will not run on fedora 12.

Believe it is a sqlite3 issue...

FusionStream said...

GISKismet will not work on fedora 12.

believe it is an sqlite3 issue