Thursday, October 22, 2009

Koobface New Campaign

A friend of mine just got hit with what it seems to be new koobface campaign; hundreds of posts from his account to his friend's walls with the following message samples:

You musst see tthis vvideo nnow! It'ss the bbest one!!
You mmust see tthis viideo now!! It'ss the bestt onne!
You mustt see thhis vvideo now!! It''s the bbest one!!


I ccan't falll assleep affter viiewing tthis videoo. I havven't seenn annything likee thiis
I can'tt falll asleepp afterr viewiing thiis videeo. I hhaven't sseen anythinng liike tthis
I ccan't faall aasleep aftter vviewing thhis videoo. I hhaven't seenn annything likee thiis

It is using a slightly different subject every post.

The links in the posts are pointing to compromised hosts, the list is below:

The above sites are using different languages, some using php, or vBulletin.

The urls from Dubai are all developed by a single company (, seems like they are compromised somehow...

The above sites are used for re-direction, sample re-directions from JS file is below:

I have the rest of JS files, if anyone is interested, just drop me a line on twitter@okamalo
No further investigations for now, it is 3:30AM now, need to sleep....


Anonymous said...

I received the video posting on my wall from a "friend" in Jordan. How does this work, did he actually post it to my wall?

Sammy Launius said...

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