Sunday, September 20, 2009

Websense Security Report, H1, 2009

Websense Security Report for H1, 2009 released few days ago, here is the summary of findings:

- 233% growth in malicious web sites in 6 months
- 77% of web sites hosting malicious code are legitimate compromised web sites
- 61% of top 100 sites (mostly social networking and search) lead to malicious content
- 95% of user generated comments to blogs, chat rooms are spam or malicious
- 57% of data-stealing attacks are conducted over the web
- 69% of all web pages with objectionable content link (e.g. Sex, Adult Content, Gambling, Drugs) are serving malicious content
- WebSense detected more thsn 900,000 instance of 623 unique pieces malware

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