Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran Elections

Organized DDOS attacks, instructions for protesters, news, links to videos, open proxies...
The usage of twitter and blogs for effective communication during and after the Iranian elections is showing how effective the social media is, therefor Twitter scheduled maintenance has been changed and rescheduled to be at midnight Iran local time. As per twitter status blog, "Twitter is currently playing as an important communication tool in Iran. Tonight's planned maintenance has been rescheduled to tomorrow between".
It is interesting that twitter decided to be offline during US peak hours, for the availability in Iran.

On the other hand, attacks against pro-AhmadiNejad sites are coordinated using twitter. The tools used are not related to botnets, they are all manual tools like Page Rebooter that allows the user to automatically reload a specific web page every pre-defined interval like 1 sec., or IFRAME Loading Script for people running web sites, that will redirect the site visitors to the target url and automatically refresh it.


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