Thursday, January 8, 2009

10 ways to protect yourself

ESET blog has some nice "10 ways to protect your self" articles, aimed at normal users.

- Disable autorun in windows
- Do not use your computer with administrator privileges
- Use different passwords for your computer and your online services
- Change the password frequently
- Do not trust links in your email, even from friends
- Protect sensitive information on your computer with encryption
- Backup your data regularly
- Avoid fake security software
- Avoid free wifi hotspots 
- Do not use cracked/pirated software, audio and video.
- Keep applications and operating system components up-to-date with automated updates and patches
- Do not disclose sensitive information on the public we sites like facebook or linkedin
- Do not depend on antivirus only, use personal firewall, antispam, anti-phishing toolbars

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