Monday, December 29, 2008

Monitoring Social Media

Web search has lots of power when it comes to Social Media monitoring, there are lots of free tools and search engines that can help you in that area. Combine the search results with rss feed, and you will get an easy way for tracking the social media. This can be very useful in watch-and-warning teams and security monitoring activities.

Monitor blogs, comments, news, tags, forums,...

Social Mention(blogs,comments)
Boardtracker (forums)
Yacktrack (comments on defined URL)
Backtype (comments, people)
Technorati (blogs):
Google Alert (web, news, ..)
Startpr (blogs, photos, videos, social networks)
Omgili (forums)
Serph (forums, social networks, blogs, news,...)
Keotag (tags)

Twitter (social messages)

Search for People:

Twitter Monitor

Tattler, Open Source Topic Monitoring Tool

Other tools:
A comprehensive list is now available on

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Anonymous said...

Great list of resources. You might also want to check out, which allows you to search across a number of social media categories.